Something More

April 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

“As always, you go after something for the flash of the excitement, then when you finally get it you’re never satisfied. You always need somethingmore.”  ~Henry Spencer (Psych)

…This is so true…and can be applied so many ways. It’s why commercials work. They can convince us to buy things because they present something shiny, new, and exciting. It’s partially why happily married/dating people seem to randomly go after other people. It’s partially why our culture has deteriorated to it’s current moral level.

We are always pushing ourselves, our boundaries, other people’s boundaries, and the overall moral boundaries of mankind. There is a set standard of good, but our culture has become so desensitized to what is bad, that we ignore what is truly good for the excitement and the flash of it. Think about it. Horror movies. Why do people scare themselves on purpose? Why do they purposefully subject themselves to gore?

I am not saying watching horror movies is a sin, but just that this is one way my point is proven. We like to cross boundaries, even if we shouldn’t. Even though crossing boundaries produces temporary glee, it will eventually (if there is any good left in mankind) catch up with us.


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