A Mini Story

May 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

In Home Depot an aisle was closed off. We were curious as to what the big commotion was over, so we wandered over there, as close as possible. Suddenly a platform began to ascend, carrying a man, who was strapped to it, upwards. In his hand, he held an extra long reacher. He was looking upwards, but his point of his attention was not the ceiling, it was a bird.

Upon further inspection, we saw the bird’s leg was caught in the metal ceiling rafter. Immediately I dashed around the corner and kneeled down. Clapsing my hands, eyelids shut tight, I prayed my heart out. About a minute later, someone came to find me, and interrupted my prayer. I quickly finished with AMEN. “Are you praying for the man?” she asked. “He was strapped in, so he was safe.”

I was hesitant to answer. “Well, him too.”


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