On Writing

May 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

“The interesting thing about writing, or at least good writing, is that it rarely begins at the conclusion.
When an idea comes to a writer, it does not come of themselves, it comes from somewhere else or some past experience they’ve been through.
It is his mind and hand’s creation, but also it is not. It came through him, but not from him.
To write a story, or play, or musical piece is to be at once an author and a character, to be in and outside of a story, only able to know what will happen next and why it happened by seeing the story through to the end and then stepping out of the story to view the whole thing from one end to the other.
It is humbling to write, as one realizes that he does not know what will happen next till it is time for it to happen. One cannot create a story nor can he know the character’s future until the story leads him toward its own conclusion. The writer can merely record what he is shown. And he can wonder, wonder what will become of the characters in the story he writes and the story in which he lives as they move through chapter after chapter toward a conclusion already written yet still unknown to those living it. To be an imperfect writer in a perfect story is possibly the most humbling thing of all.”

~Adam Jackson


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