Christmas Break

December 21, 2012 § Leave a comment


Oddly, this year’s December weather is being thoughtful enough to have warm days. Wednesday’s weather merited shorts and a t-shirt! (If you know me, you understand why this is so incredible; I am extremely sensitive to any form of cold, and am usually chilly, even in the summer.)

Wednesday was the last day of exams! This semester felt but a week long. Wednesday was the mid-term AP Calculus exam… oh Calculus. (Calculus is not nice.) Though this could have ruined the whole joy of being done with the first semester of this school year, we were blessed with gorgeous weather. After enjoying lunch with some friends, I drove home, and I decided to work on my best friend’s Christmas gift. My room has every kind of art supply. Even though I am not an artist, I enjoy making artsy things or attempting art on rare occasions. To my horror, my lovely wooden case, containing endless shades of watercolor paint was missing!

Then I remembered. “Nooooo!!!” my thoughts screamed as I sank to the floor in despair. I had accidentally sold it in a yard sale, a tragedy I will never forget. Word of advice: never sell your watercolor paint in a yard sale… depending on the quality, it is rather expensive. I drove to a local craft store to buy precious watercolor paint— I still regret selling my gorgeous case of it; nevertheless, I returned home with some paint that wasn’t nearly as good as what I had earlier this year.

Finally at home once again, I gathered necessary supplies such as water for the paint, sponges, paper towels, music to paint by, paintbrushes, and tea. Left arm full of supplies pressed against my body, and tea in my right arm, I gingerly picked up a chair so as not to drop everything else, and proceeded out into the cool December sunshine of our backyard. As soon as I walked onto the grass, nature panicked. A bird flew off in one direction, a stray cat scampered over the fence, a lizard leapt into the air, landed, and climbed into a bush, and a few crazed squirrels sought refuge on higher branches. I didn’t mind, but at last I could paint— what a wonderful beginning to Christmas break.


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