The Sky At Sunset

December 21, 2012 § 1 Comment


It’s not as beautiful as it was in person, but I’m thankful to at least have a picture.

This sunset was torturing my inner photographer (if such a one exists). I was calmly driving, all the while a battle was raging inside my head.

Should I wait for a stoplight?

No, it’s to gorgeous to risk missing.

…On the other hand it would be awful if I died because I was shooting the sunset.

O.o Yeah. 

I don’t know what to do! Lord, please give me a stoplight so I can take a picture, because this sunset is magnificent.

*drives through a green light*

Oh, ok. Well, that’s alright too. Thank you Lord for giving us this sunset. I’ll just enjoy it while I can and try to remember how beautiful it was.

*approaches stoplight*  *it changes from green to yellow, then a vibrant red*

*gasps*  THANK YOU SO MUCH LORD!   *gleefully grabs phone from purse and shoots the sunset*


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