A Cat In Our House? We Don’t Own a Cat!

December 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

photoFirst, let it be known that my family members are far from cat people. We’ve always had at least one dog even before I was born; we are dog people through and through. We don’t dislike cats… we’re just not as fond of them. Second, we love our dogs so much that we installed a dog door in our back door so they may freely go in and out of our house, even when we aren’t home. It isn’t a fancy dog door with the special key collars that allow only our dogs through, because those are expensive. Many a time I’ve tried to convince my dad to get a fancy one, but he always responds, “we’ve never had problems.”

Third, I sleep through everything, but this morning I was shocked awake. There was a CAT. On. my. bed. We don’t own a cat! How did it get past our watchdogs?! Obviously the cat was a ninja. Because I sleep through many interesting happenings such as the one this morning, here is the account from my family’s perspective:

‘Twas three mornings before Christmas and all through the house neither dog was stirring, but suddenly we heard, “meow.” It was in our kitchen, we knew that for sure, but where was it hiding? Under the dishwasher we checked, “For,” we thought, “that must be the only place a cat would hide.” Oh no. We locked the dogs outside; they had scared the poor thing— of course, it didn’t help that we’ve always taught them to chase cats away. So we scoured our kitchen for the cat, and found it at last. It was neither in nor on a cabinet, but behind. Its head alone was sticking out of the little space under the corner cabinet! Apparently it came through the dog door and our puppies chased it onto the counter. It had slid behind the cabinet and was stuck like Winnie the Pooh! We tried to gently to pull; we tried to gently push. It was like trying to get your fingers out of a chinese finger trap…

Oh my gosh. We’re going to have to take this cabinet off the wall,” we thought. We took a closer look at the pitiful mewing creature, and discovered one paw poking out, in addition to its head. Again we gently pulled. With our help the strange cat had wriggled loose at last. Now what? We put the cat in a bag and decided to try to find its home. As soon as we went outside, the cat sprang out of the bag… it hated the bag. We picked it up; it wanted down. We put it down; it wanted up. We picked it up; it wanted down. We started walking; it followed us.

In this manner we traipsed around our neighborhood in 32 degree weather, searching for its home, but we never found the place. After a morning of tired feet and frigid winter air, we walked back up our driveway; the cat followed.  Up we climbed, but at the top the wise cat stopped. She decidedly remained in place, desiring to not undergo such a fiasco again. Em would be sad, we knew, but we couldn’t have a cat! We left her outside, and she wandered away. After a crazy morning we relaxed for a minute, and named the cat, Noel. We don’t know if we’ll ever see her again, but our dogs are now more attentive to the backyard than ever. Watching, waiting, for the next cat they can chase away.


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