The Blooming Rose

May 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

This poem is so beautiful and a lovely lead in to the new school year heading our way.

The Squatting Sasquatch

by Anonymous

(written in 1919, found stuck between the pages of a book)


What is it like, to be a rose?


Old roses, softly, “Try and see.”


Nay, I will tarry. Let me be

In my green peacefulness and smile.

I will stay here and dream awhile.

‘Tis well for little buds to dream,

Dream–dream–who knows–

Say, is it good to be a rose?

Old roses, tell me! Is it good?


Old roses, very softly,”Good.”


I am afraid to be a rose!

This little sphere wherein I wait,

Curled up and small and delicate,

Lets in a twilight of pure green,

Wherein are dreams of night and morn

And the sweet stillness of a world

Where all things are that are unborn.


Old rose,“Better to be born.”


I cannot be a bud for long.

My sheath is like a heart…

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