Juxtaposition of Soul and Earth

November 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Here I sit, amidst the tattle of leaves,

burning bushes atop the trees. The chill slows

us as it slows molecules. The bell hails

the orange mountains—

two minutes late as medieval men1,

Pecan Pie2 imparts. My face parallels

the skymy eyes cast upon it.

An illusion spreads forth, across hills

of the mountains. They lick the clear blue and

drop off on the other side, yearning

to touch the white water capsules.

Day is come for rebirth among the ashes of fall,

juxtaposition of soul and earth.

Quickly, while the sun glows proudly over

the hills yet, and the leaves tattle before they fall,

‘venture to look on reality in the raw’ 3.

See the good rest and reflections of earth,

the trueness of truisms, the beauty of discovery.

Do not idle until the winds drop and the ices melt,

for with the geniality of warmth pollen sweeps in, and the venture

cast aside once more for deceitful comfort.

1 referring to clerks as defined by C.S. Lewis in “Learning In War-Time”

2 a name given to Dr. Patrick Connelly, history professor at Montreat College, by his favorite students

3 Lewis, “Our English Syllabus”


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