On Relationships and Jokes

January 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

Human beings are relational creatures. We like knowing, and we like being known. To love and be loved is the soul’s delight (Augustine). Some of us are introverts, others extroverts, but people need people. In Lost in the Cosmos, Walker Percy points out that the people around us seem to know us better than we know ourselves. Maybe this is why we crave relation. But there are times when internal struggles seem to overturn our personalities. We keep quiet and long for the person we once were, but distress loiters around our minds.

Depression can fly at you for no reason, and that makes it harder. Not knowing what sickly creature is overtaking your personality is disturbing; it’s tear-inducing. You want clear direction, steps to take, but there’s no one answer. Depression and anorexia, epilepsy and turrets, are not laughing matters, yet countless people crack jokes about them everyday. When they are around friends, people flippantly laugh at those who deal with each of these when. Why? To be cool? Grow up. The joke isn’t cool to your friend who is quietly confronting it. Everyone laughs, some smile. Most find it funny, but others who are battling with these problems, they smile. But inside…inside they just want it to be over. They hate it. They may even hate themselves for it. It is a fight. Step out of your self-centered world and start loving people, because people need people.


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