Admitting and Naming

January 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

After beginning my studies at Montreat, I experienced a bit of shock. I realized that I have to think about these ideas I’d learned about from 3rd grade on, alone now, aided only by the writings of great artists: Walker Percy, Flannery O’Connor, C.S. Lewis. For a few months I’ve been struggling the the ideas of art, in relation to the True, Good, and Beautiful.

For two months, the about page was dedicated to my post, A Pursuit of Good Art, because my thoughts were circling around these huge ideas which had yet to converge in any sensical manner. Then one night, a close friend of mine called me out. He said these ideas, the arts, weren’t the thing. Art isn’t going to change people, only God can change people’s hearts. (I had a difficult time accepting this, because he was inherently biased. After all he is in medical school, and inclined towards the sciences. But he was right.) At least, it isn’t an either-or thing.

Walker Percy said, “It is a perversion of art to look upon science as the true naming and knowing and upon art as a traffic of the emotions. Both science and art discover being, and neither may patronize the other” (Naming and Being). Walker Percy gets at something most people forget to emphasize, “neither may patronize the other.”

Ultimately, it is God who moves the human heart, but through us, we hope, He allows our dreams and passions to stir hearts and glorify Him.


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