Life: How To. {What I learned freshman year.}

September 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

You are wonderful, beautiful, and brilliant. Admitting these things to yourself isn’t boasting or pride or vanity. Realize that you are created imago Dei, and He is more wonderful than you can possibly imagine.

Pursue your passions endlessly. There’s a reason you feel like they’re engraved into your soul. Discover new things about yourself— new ideas, new quirks, new loves. Don’t get caught up by the temporal qualities of life; don’t let the trivialities of everyday monotony blind you to the beauty.

Breathe in peaceful moments. Look up. Feel the stars engulf you on a crisp, clear mountain night. But they highlight your existence. You get to gaze up at these gorgeous things burning millions of miles away, and ponder whatever you please. Even from such a distance, stars help you see beyond the malaise surrounding. It’s only temporary. Don’t let the darkness eat you up and don’t think it can. There’s plenty of light. Find joy in the wonderful small things. Find joy in existing. Being.

Don’t nod because you know something applies, forgetting it applies to you. Seek truth, and admire it when you see it. Let beauty and truth change you. Let them rip the black nature from your beating, bloody heart.

Love so much that it takes more than what you can give. Invest in people. Let them surprise you, amaze you. They are probably smarter than you think.

Love art dearly for it is a truth-saying we need, but don’t glorify it to the point of idolization.

Don’t trivialize your problems by comparing them to other people’s. No matter how small your own may seem, it’s still a difficulty and it’s ok to see it as one.

All of a sudden you have lost direction. It feels like open heart surgery while conscious, without anesthesia. Every particle of your being, your very soul, is cracking and ripping in different directions. There will come a point when you are fatigued from life. Maybe you’ve already experienced it. You’ll want to give in. It may even seem unstoppable. You feel like a child battered and beaten by warning waves of a tsunami, and only when the storm comes, when you’re dragged under by that magnificent force, will it diminish into a calm wave of puppies lapping over your toes with their small pink tongues.

Anchor your soul in the good. Let your roots grow deep in the soil. They absorb nutrients, and you grow. Maybe not like a tree. Floods, fires, and metal cannot sweep you away quicker than it took you to grow. You’re a mountain. Stalwart and bold. Resilient to the forces of evil. Beautiful and beloved.


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