Hey, my name is Emilie.

Let me sum up the easy stuff:

I’m a college student, athlete, and lover of learning. I’m currently majoring in English and Communications, with a minor in History, and the connections make for wonderful discoveries. Adventure is my favorite. Writing is my delight.

Here’s what I believe:

Much is art, but less is good art. I am passionate about creating good art, and attempt it more than succeed. Good art is a pursuit of Truth, and ultimately a pursuit of God. I love what Lewis writes in The Great Divorce, “The Glory flows into everyone, and back from everyone: like light and mirrors. But the light’s the thing” (80-81). Yes, the mirrors are a way of showing and transferring the light, but the light’s the thing. Lewis’s writing transcends the beautiful of this world.

People can tell you about an event, a connection, a feeling, but something happens between telling and realizing; for your own soul to realize the truth is an intoxicating experience. This blog is where I think and reflect and come to realize. Here, amidst incomplete thoughts and endless questions, I’m growing. This is a quiet place for reflection, just for a bit, while I disregard life’s temporal qualities which distract from connecting life to what matters, the ultimate.

[Like me, this page is in process… I hope it’s a long one.]


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