North Fork–Right Fork

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Four kids inhaled the star-brushed sky as they lay with their backs against the warm road, tar digging into whatever exposed skin it could reach like chiggers. This was a night like no other. They sensed it in the magic of the night, the gaudium essendi. Laying there with an eager sense of anticipation, a giddiness, a feeling in their gut that was not to be reduced down to a college-wide virus, they asked questions best discussed under such a sky: What is art? What is beauty? They were no longer freshmen; as newly college sophomores they were more daring. Matthew pulled out his pipe and a tin of tobacco, packed some in, and lit the quaint wooden pipe. He offered a smoke, and one girl took him up on the offer. She gingerly took the pipe from him and tentatively sucked in and blew the stinging residue out. Interesting but definitely not a lifetime habit.

When they realized their conversation was never-ending, the four acquaintances decided to take a nighttime walk. They could still soak in the stars, but not be as restless. They walked along the winding road, coddled by the mountain range. The giant’s steps quarried in the back of the mountain were cloaked by night’s absent star. A yellow glow appeared on the road, like a piece of broken car mirror reflecting distant headlights. The peculiar sight intrigued them. They hurried closer, not totally convinced they hadn’t imagined the thing.

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Ode to a Lost Sock

May 4, 2014 § 1 Comment


Were the best,

My dearest.

And now that you’re gone,

I see just how much


Mean to me.

Your bright colors,

Salmon and sky blue argyle,

And soft, faded fabric

Cradled my feet

Catching my toes in loose strings.

I doubt you really loved me,

For your other half

Captured your affections

Long before I could,

But your loyalty stayed.

O cruel world ripped



Others tormented

By our bond,


The laundry room

And careless college students

Plotted against,

To separate us



Were the best,

My dearest.

And I’ll never forget



By Emilie Brooker and Mercia Tremblac

Single Life 101 {How to stay single at a small Christian college when everyone* wants to get married* within a week* of meeting someone.}

March 21, 2014 § 1 Comment

I’m sure you’ve heard of people going to a Christian college with the intention of getting their “MRS” degree, or to find a nice wife, but what of the people who just want to enjoy single-dom (yes, I’m an English major and just made up a word)? It’s nearly impossible to remain single at a small Christian college, so here I’ll offer some plausible solutions.

*slight exaggeration

Solution 1: Wear Unflattering Cat Shirts 

Problem solved.*

*Unless someone mistakes this as an attractive quirk. I have not personally tested this out.

Solution 2: Feign Unintelligence

This is a great solution, as it will quickly deter anyone with the immediate intention of getting married.*

*…enough said

Solution 3: Be Anti-social

People who aren’t outgoing are less likely to get noticed by the majority of the opposite sex.*

*Unless your anti-social facade is mistaken for a gentle and quiet spirit.

!!!Warning!!! Do NOT under ANY circumstances:

  •  Quote or make any references to scripture. This may not be practical. (Bible teacher: What is the memory verse for this week? You: Uhhh…)

Advice from Hannah and Mercia:

  1. Discover what “couple traditions” there are and AVOID THEM. (eg. at Montreat, walking around Lake Susan with a person of the opposite sex means something, even if you think it doesn’t.) -Hannah
  2. Do not allow yourself to be seen with anyone of the opposite sex for more than 30 SECONDS. -Mer

*After talking to Hannah and Mer about this post, Hannah volunteered her cat shirts for modeling purposes. Take a look at the pictures to get the gist of the skill set required to repel fickle feelings.


~This blog post is dedicated to Hannah Black and Mercia for their love of cats.~

Hannah’s blog

Mercia’s blog

Heartache Presses On

February 6, 2014 § 1 Comment

A broken heart
is like a house settling.
The cracks
are never mended.
Shock splits them
I feel fire
in my core,
a pool of lava seething.
It burns and cauterizes
my thoughts,
separating them
from logic in the air.
These feelings
reason desperately
infuses them,
but are cauterized
When did I become
so dependent
on technology.

On Relationships and Jokes

January 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

Human beings are relational creatures. We like knowing, and we like being known. To love and be loved is the soul’s delight (Augustine). Some of us are introverts, others extroverts, but people need people. In Lost in the Cosmos, Walker Percy points out that the people around us seem to know us better than we know ourselves. Maybe this is why we crave relation. But there are times when internal struggles seem to overturn our personalities. We keep quiet and long for the person we once were, but distress loiters around our minds.

Depression can fly at you for no reason, and that makes it harder. Not knowing what sickly creature is overtaking your personality is disturbing; it’s tear-inducing. You want clear direction, steps to take, but there’s no one answer. Depression and anorexia, epilepsy and turrets, are not laughing matters, yet countless people crack jokes about them everyday. When they are around friends, people flippantly laugh at those who deal with each of these when. Why? To be cool? Grow up. The joke isn’t cool to your friend who is quietly confronting it. Everyone laughs, some smile. Most find it funny, but others who are battling with these problems, they smile. But inside…inside they just want it to be over. They hate it. They may even hate themselves for it. It is a fight. Step out of your self-centered world and start loving people, because people need people.

Heart-Cracking (this is what it feels like– for the first time)

December 14, 2013 § 6 Comments

It creeps across
the water of my soul.
it pervades.
Freezing face
in perpetual
The pretense
Questions bat
at my mind with
sharpened claws.
Let the pouncing
Should I have said this?
Done that?
Tried more?
Been different?
No, they tell me;
yes, I think.
is a word.
A true, significant
Body violently shakes,
mind dazed.
Unearthly noises,
pain conveyed
(to self and God alone).
I am not
Am I?
no (they say).
But yes.
across my soul.
in a hurricane.
I wish
I wish

NaNoWriMo, Finally I Will Finish It

July 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s astounding! The number of people posting about Camp NaNoWriMo is much higher than I first supposed.

One of my best friends, Mer, somehow convinced me (yet again) to participate in some form of NaNo. Fortunately with camp nano, one can set their own goal instead of a predetermined word count of 50,000 words, meaning I will be able to finish! Usually, I get burnt out around 20,000-30,000 words and am further unable to complete my goal, but not this year! I took the world’s advice this time and set a goal that is difficult to attain, yet attainable nonetheless. Hopefully I will be able to surpass expectations!

Good luck fellow writers!

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